Astolfo Borioso, che segue alla morte di Ruggiero, di tante, & cosi varie materie tessuto, & con tali magnanime prodezze di cavallieri adornato, che non è ad altro libro di simili materie inferiore. Non senza conformarsi anchora con la profondissima historia del divino Ariosto in condurre ad effetto molte degne imprese. Aggiuntovi tai allegorie ad ogni canto, che danno spresso inditio, come puo l’huomo prudente da ogni libro, quantunque favoloso, trare profitto alla virtu. Per messer Marco Guazzo novamente composto, & dato in luce

Autore GUAZZO, Marco (ca. 1480-1556).
Tipografo Paolo Gherardo for Comin da Trino
Dati tipografici Venice, 
Prezzo Venduto/Sold
Astolfo Borioso

4to (207x147 mm). 144 leaves. Signatures: A-S8. Italic type. Text printed in two columns. With 31 woodcut vignettes (partly repeated) accompanied by as many woodcut historiated initials located at the beginning of each book (with the only exception being book 32). Title within an elaborate woodcut border showing putti holding a curtain with Gherardo's device at the center. Title and text ruled in red. Late 19th-century pastiche binding in the Grolier manner; brown calf with dark brown interlocking fillets; gilt decoration of leafy sprays with painted sections in red and blue; the letters P, E and double M stamped along sides of the panel; at the center the gilt coat of arms of Charles de Mansfeld; spine gilt in compartments; gilt edges. The binding is a reproduction of an elaborate sixteenth-century Parisian binding bearing the arms of Charles de Mansfeld (1543-1595), though the initials presumably refer to his father, Pierre Ernest de Mansfeld, whose elegant Parisian bindings were on par with Grolier's. On the front pastedown the printed bookplate of Charles Fairfax Murray (see Sotheby's, 18 July 1922, lot 492). A nice copy.

RARE FIRST EDITION (issue A) of the revised and much enlarged version – in 32 books – of this chivalric poem. The first part of the Astolfo borioso, in 14 books, had been printed by Zoppino in 1531 and reprinted by Fontaneto in 1532. The second part (books 15-28) was issued by Zoppino in 1533 (reprinted in 1539). In the 1549 edition, though extended to 32 books, the poem was still unfinished.

The Astolfo borioso is one most successful works by Marco Guazzo and very closely follows Ariosto's model. Guazzo's admiration for Ariosto's poem is also attested by his collaboration on the 1537 Zoppino edition of Orlando Furioso.

Edit 16, CNCE 36297; G. Melzi & P.A. Tosi, Bibliografia dei romanzi di cavalleria in versi e in prosa italiani, Milan, 1865, p. 172.

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