Varii modioni del Sig. Domenico Santi Cavagliere M.DC.LXXXIII

Autore: SANTI, Domenico (1621-1694)


Dati tipografici:

[12] engraved plates including the title page.

Berlin Katalog, 576.

(bound with:)


SANTI, Domenico (1621-1694)-FORTI, Carlo Antonio (fl. 17th cent.). Fragmenti diversi disegnati dal Sig.r Domenico Santi Pittore. Carlo Antonio Forti intagliò. Bologna, Marco Antonio Fabri, 1679. [13] engraved plates including the title page.

Catalogo unico, IT\ICCU\RAVE\071393.

(bound with:)


MITELLI, Agostino (1609-1660). [Cartouches]. Roma, Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi, s.d. [12] engraved plates including the title page.

Berlin Katalog, 563.


Three works in one volume, oblong 4to (208x270 mm). Contemporary stiff vellum. Some marginal foxing and staining, but a good copy. The plates have been consecutively numbered by a contemporary hand from 1 to 38. Lacking the leaf numbered 35 (a blank?).

Nice album gathering three extremely rare series of engravings showing architectural ornaments like mouldings, cornices, and cartouches, the first two designed by Domenico Santi, the third by Agostino Mitelli. The painter Domenico Santi, known as Mengazino, was a pupil of Agostino Mitelli and worked mainly in Modena, Mirandola and Novellara.


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