[Companion to the Book of Angling]. Pocket fly book on vellum. England, ca. 1875

Autore FRANCIS, Francis.
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Companion to the Book of Angling

8vo (169x94 mm). [10] pages of printed text on 6 leaves, 3 blank leaves, 6 leaves each with 8 compartments (4 per page) to house the flies, and 2 thick wool leaves.

The fly book opens with an Introduction, at the bottom of which is the autograph signature of Francis Francis: “The accompanying list of Flies has been carefully selected as the result of long and wide experience, and comprehends all that the Angler requires in the smallest compass possible to fish any river in the Kingdom… If the Angler wants to know any more about the list of Flies I have given, or to learn how I recommend them to be dressed, he must consult my ‘Book on Angling'”.

The text describes 32 different types of flies arranged by month, from April to September (the fishing season).

Francis Francis was director of “The Field” magazine from 1856 to 1883; in 1867 he published the first substantial angling manual, A book on Angling, which became a bestseller and was reprinted several times until today.

The fly book contains 80 different types of fake-fly fishing lures made of bird feathers either housed in separate compartments or stitched onto wool leaves. The leaves are on vellum to hold wet flies more securely.

The volume is sewn, but not bound, and loosely preserved in a black leather flap case, which has a large pocket on one side containing:

-a small paper bag from the company R. Ramsbottom, Manchester, containing “Gold Medal Cut Casting Lines”;

-2 transparent bags from Ogden Smiths, London, each containing a “Mounted Gut Cast with Dropper Flies”;

-an empty paper bag from Hardy Bros., Alnwick, which previously contained “Gold Medal Trout Flies”.

A very nice and well preserved set (protected in a modern brown morocco box).

  • Companion to the Book of Angling
  • Companion to the Book of Angling
  • Companion to the Book of Angling
  • Companion to the Book of Angling
  • Companion to the Book of Angling