The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex. By Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S., Etc. with illustrations. In two volumes. - Vol. I (-II).

Autore: DARWIN, Charles (1809-1882)

Tipografo: D. Appletown and Company

Dati tipografici: New York, 1871

Due volumi in8vo (mm 195x118). Pp. VI, 409, [5]; V, [3], 436, [12]. Illustrazioni in bianco e nero nel testo. Carta leggermente ed uniformemente brunita, lievissime fiioriture ad alcune carte. Tela editoriale coeva con titolo e filetti in oro al dorso (tela del primo volume piuttosto lisa).  Ex-libris di D.H. Jerome e T.S. Jerome, sul titolo timbri della American Academy in Rome ("withdrawn"). Prima edizione americana pubblicata nello stesso anno della prima inglese. "The book, in its first edition, contains two parts, the descent of man itself, and selection in relation to sex. The word 'evolution' occurs, for the first time in any of Darwin's works, on page 2 of the first volume of the first edition, that is to say before its appearance in the sixth edition of The Origin of Species in the following year. The last chapter is about sexual selection in relation to man, and it ends with the famous peroration about man's lowly origin, the wording of which differs slightly in the first edition from that which is usually quoted" (Freeman, p. 129).