Epistolarum et consultationum medicinalium prioris [-alterius] tomi libri XII. Editio tertia

Autore: AUGENIO, Orazio (1527-1603)

Tipografo: Damiano Zenaro

Dati tipografici: Venezia, 1592

Two parts in one volume, folio; (16), 151, (1 blank) leaves, a-b6, c4, A-Z6, Aa6, Bb8; (18), 174 leaves, +-+++6, a-z6, aa-ff6. Title-pages printed in red and black with large printer's device in the center. Contemporary limp vellum. From the Galletti-Landau library.

Adams, A-2126; Edit 16, CNCE 3375; Index Aureliensis, 109.845.


THIRD ENLARGED EDITION of Orazio Augenio's medical letters, first printed in Turin by Niccolò Bevilacqua in 1579 and, in a second 4to-issue, in 1580. The work underwent several other editions until the beginning of the 17th century (Frankfurt, 1597, 1600, 1605; and Venice, 1607).

The first part is dedicated by the author to Catherine of Habsburg, duchess of Savoy (Torino, December 15, 1591). The dedication of part two is addressed to Ludovico Miglietta, chancellor of the duke of Savoy.

The two parts contain 130 letters overall, of which only a part is dated. The letters are not chronologically arranged. They are often in the form of ‘medica responsa' and sometimes are divided into different chapters. In volume I all the letters are numbered within each book; in volume II only the first letter of book V is numbered.


(Volume I, Book I:)

Augenio, Ludovico. Roma, January 28, 1558 (I, l. 1r)

id. Roma, March 24, 1558 (II, l. 7v)


(Volume I, Book II:)

Capodivacca, Girolamo. Tolentino, May 20, 1576 (I, l. 16v)

From Mercenario, Arcangelo to Augenio, Orazio (II, l. 24v)

Mercenario, Arcangelo (III, l. 25r)


(Volume I, Book III:)

Cucina, Giovanni Battista (I, l. 21, i.e. 27r)

id. (II, l. 34r)

Picchino, Giulio (III, l. 38v)


(Volume I, Book IV:)

Cordella, Girolamo (I, l. 41r)

Scacchi, Durante. Tolentino, June 29, 1576 (II, l. 46v)


(Volume I, Book V:)

Ardizzone, Girolamo (I, l. 50v)

id. (II, l. 52r)

id. (III, l. 54r)

Martini, Spirito. Torino, September 4, 1580 (IV, l. 55v)

Picchino, Ludovico. Torino, August 8, 1580 (V, l. 56v)

Severino, Federico (VI, l. 59r)

Medicis Genesinis (San Genesio's physicians). Tolentino, November 2, 1577 (VII, l. 59v)


(Volume I, Book VI:)

Cini, Giulio. Cingoli, March 10, 1572 (I, l. 62r)

Meli, Plinio. Santa Vittoria, March 26, 1576 (II, l. 72v)

Bozio, Domenico. Tolentino, April 18, 1575 (III, l. 74r)


(Volume I, Book VII:)

Picchino, Giulio (I, l. 75r)

id. (II, l. 76v)

id. (III, l. 78r)

id. Tolentino, February 4, 1572 (IV, l. 79v)

id. Cingoli, ctober 4, 1570 (V, l. 81v)

id. Tolentino, March 12, 1572 (VI, l. 82r)

id. Tolentino, April 8, 1572 (VII, l. 82v)

id. Tolentino (VIII, l. 84v)


(Volume I, Book VIII:)

Graziosi, Luigi. Cingoli, June 1, 1573 (I, l. 86r)

Gualtieri, Gualtiero. Tolentino, April 17, 1570 (II, l. 90v)

Bosselli, Giulio. Tolentino (III, l. 94r)

Costa, Manente. Tolentino, September 4, 1577 (IV, l. 98r)


(Volume I, Book IX:)

Cirocchi, Francesco. Cingoli, September 8, 1572 (I, l. 100v)

id. (II, l. 101v)

Jacopini, Alessandro. Osimo, December 16, 1563 (II, recte III, l. 107r)

Franciscano Pennensi Theologo. Tolentino, October 29, 1577 (III, recte IV, l. 110r)

id. Tolentino, November 1, 1577 (l. 111v)


(Volume I, Book X:)

Scipioni, Curio (I, l. 112r)

id. (II, l. 116r)

id. (III, l. 116v)

id. Tolentino, July 7, 1576 (IV, l. 119v)

id. Tolentino, August 14, 1576 (V, l. 123r)

Brancuti, Ercole. Torino, June 24, 1579 (VI, l. 125r)


(Volume I, Book XI:)

Cozzi, Ercole (I, l. 130r)

Scacchi, Durante. Tolentino, September 24, 1577 (II, l. 131v)

Graziosi, Luigi. Cingoli, February 12, 1571 (III, l. 133r)

id. (IV, l. 134r)

Pollastri, Pietro (V, l. 135v)

id. Tolentino, August 24, 1577 (VI, l. 138r)


(Volume I, Book XII:)

Augenio, Fabrizio. San Severino Marche, March 1, 1574 (I, l. 139r)

id. (II, l. 140v)

Montironi, Bernardino. (III, l. 140v)

Bernardini, Luigi. Tolentino, February 4, 1576 (IV, l. 141v)

Cesareo, Bartolomeo. Tolentino, April 16, 1576 (V, l. 144v)

Bellaspiga, Lucio (VI, l. 146r)

Landeo, Girolamo (VII, l. 147v)


(Volume II, Book I:)

Olivari, Serafino. Torino, July 6, 1587 (l. 1r)

Senatui Pedemontano (Piedmont's Senate). Torino, September 25, 1587 (l. 8r)

Picchino, Giulio (l. 10r)

Cirocchi, Francesco. Cingoli, December 24, 1571 (l. 11v)

Medicis Patavinis (Padua's physicians) (l. 14r)


(Volume II, Book II:)

Crispi, Pietro. Roma, August 24, 1568 (l. 15r)

Lobetti, Antonio (l. 19v)

Casanova, Nicola (l. 21v)

Cesano, Giovanni Battista. Osimo, October 13, 1577 (l. 25v)

id. Osimo, December 22, 1587 (l. 27v)

Fausto, Pietro Simone. Torino, June 12, 1590 (l. 30r)

id. Torino, June 24, 1590 (l. 31r)

Crispi, Pietro (l. 32r)


(Volume II, Book III:)

Costa, Filiberto (l. 34r)

Apicella, Fabio. Torino, April 15, 1589 (l. 35r)

Auditores Romane Rotae (to the auditors of the Roman Rota). (l. 37v)

Vitelleschi, Girolamo. Osimo, September 4, 1569 (l. 39r)

Cirocchi, Francesco. Cingoli, August 20, 1571 (l. 41r)

id. Tolentino, May 22, 1576 (l. 44r)

Lobetti, [Antonio]. Torino (l. 45v)

Catervo, Giuliano (l. 46v)

Illustrissimo Senatori N. (l. 48v)


(Volume II, Book IV:)

Lobetti, Antonio (l. 50v)

Sanzio, Giovani Francesco. Torino, April 28, 1580 (l. 65r)

Santacroce, Ottavio, Bishop of Cervia (l. 68v)


(Volume II, Book V:)

Mercenario, Arcangelo. Torino, June 28, 1583 (I, l. 70r)

Discipulis Taurinensibus (to the Turin's pupils). [Torino], July 28, 1590 (l. 85r)


(Volume II, Book VI:)

Picchino, Ludovico (l. 93r)

id. Torino, January 4, 1581 (l. 94v)

Franceschini, Egidio. Cingoli, February 12, 1571 (l. 95v)

Severino, Federico. Osimo (l. 96r)

Bocchi, Giovanni Antonio (l. 96v)

Sanzio, Giovanni Francesco. Torino, December 9, 1581 (l. 97v)

Cirocchi, Francesco (l. 98v)

Pauli, Andreas, Torino, January 8, 1581 (l. 101r)

Picchino, Ludovico (l. 102r)

Percivalli, Giovanni. Montesanto, April 14, 1565 (l. 102v)

Bozzuti, Annibale (l. 103v)


(Volume II, Book VII:)

Petronio, Alessandro. Cingoli, March 1, 1570 (l. 104v)

Sanzio, Giovanni Francesco. Cingoli, March 12, 1570 (l. 106r)

id. (l. 109v)

id. (l. 110r)

id. (l. 110v)

Porto, Antonio (l. 111v)

Picchino, Ludovico (l. 112v)


(Volume II, Book VIII:)

Bononiensi Patritio (to a citizen of Bologna) (l. 117r)

n.r. (l. 118r)

Maletti, Annibale. Torino, January 15, 1590 (l. 119v)

Sanzio, Giovanni Francesco. Cingoli, December 23, 1574 (l. 120r)

id. Cingoli (l. 121v)

Picchino, Ludovico (l. 123v)


(Volume II, Book IX:)

Senatui Pedemontani (Piedmont's Senate) (l. 127r)

[Cacherano, Ottavio] and Pozzo, Ludovico. Torino, March 15, 1585 (l. 129r)

Paparella Augenio, Sebastiano (l. 130r)

Grillo, Pietro (l. 131v)

Scacchi, Durante (l. 133r)

Mattelicano Medico (to a physician of Matelica) (l. 133v)

id. (l. 134r)

Kölreuter, Sigmund. Torino, January 14, 1582 (l. 134v)

Eugenio Medico (l. 135v)


(Volume II, Book X:)

Mercenario, Arcangelo. Torino, September 24, 1583 (l. 137r)

n.r. Torino, July 2, 1588 (l. 141v)


(Volume II, Book XI:)

Ad Medicos Vercellenses (to the physicians of Vercelli) (l. 148v)

Medicis Canapiciis (to the physicians of Canavese). Torino, May 8, 1583 (l. 150r)

Favorino de Clavari, [Giuseppe]. Roma, August 16, 1575 (l. 150v)

id. Roma, September 24, 1575 (l. 154r)

Picchino, Ludovico (l. 155v)

Medicis Asculanis (to the physicians of Ascoli Piceno) (l. 157r)


(Volume II, Book XII:)

Marchelli, Pantaleo (l. 159r)

Onofrino Medico (l. 161v)

id. (l. 164v)

Belo, Luciano. Cingoli (l. 166v)

Graziosi, Luigi. Cingoli (l. 168v)

Cirocchi, Francesco. Cingoli, February 4, 1571 (l. 169v)


Born in Monte Santo (Macerata) in 1527, the son of Luigi, physician to pope Clemens VII, Orazio Augenio studied medicine in Camerino, Pisa, Padua (under Giovanni Battista da Monte and Francesco Frigimelica) and in Rome (under G. Finetti).

He became reader in logic at Macerata, and in 1559 was appointed to the chair of theoretical medicine in Rome. In 1563 he moved to Osimo, in 1570 to Cingoli, and in 1573 to Tolentino. In 1578 he was called to occupy the first chair of practical medicine in Turin, a position he hold until 1592. In the same year he went to Padua, where he remained for the rest of his life teaching theoretical medicine. In 1600 he proposed to the Reformers of the Padua Studio to create a special lecture for the teaching “de morbis morborum causis et symptomatibus et de pulsibus et urinis”. Augenio died in Padua in 1603.

Although not so much interested in the anatomical researches that many of his colleagues were pursuing in those years, Augenio was nevertheless one of the best physicians of his time. He declared that fever is only a symptom and provided a classification of its different types. Moreover in the present work he makes original observations on many fields, such as phlebotomy, bladder stones, breast cancer, diabetes and hysteria (cf. A. Simili, Orazio Augenio da Monte Santo (Vita e Opere), in: “Minerva Medica”, LI, 1960, no. 73, pp. 1613-1636; and F. Zen Benedetti, Il testamento di Orazio Augenio, in: “Quaderni per la storia dell'Università di Padova”, 36, 2003, pp. 199-218).