Discorsi del Conte Pietro Verri dell'Instituto delle Scienze di Bologna sull'indole del Piacere e del Dolore; Sulla Felicità; e sulla Economia Politica. Riveduti ed accresciuti dall'Autore.

Autore: VERRI, Pietro (1728-1797)

Tipografo: Giuseppe Marelli

Dati tipografici: Milano,, 1781

Formato: in ottavo

In 8° (mm 205x150); pp. (23), 2-100, (5), 102-183, (4), 186-394. Legatura coeva in mezza pelle verde con punte, dorso con fregi, tassello e titolo in oro, piatti in carta marmorizzata, tagli picchiettati. Mancano le due carte con l'indice dei paragrafi della terza parte (Della economia politica) e la prima e l'ultima carta bianca. Ritratto in medaglione sul titolo. Ottima copia.
PRIMA EDIZIONE COLLETTIVA. Le Meditazioni sull'economia politica apparvero per la prima volta nel 1771. «Verri's Reflections is a complete treatise on political economy, reminiscent of Turgot's work (1766) with its tight logical framework and division into fairly short sections. Although these cover a wide range of subjects, they are interconnected by the basic theme of the work, the increase in annual reproduction of the nation through trade of surplus product which Verri related to the balance of production and consumption. ... Some features of this analysis may be specifically noted... His emphasis on supply and demand (used to determine all prices including the rate of interest) combined with references to utility and scarcity in the context of value (section 4) explains why this part of his work has been linked with marginalist economics. ... Verri's Reflections were highly regarded when they appeared, and could be found, for example, in Smith's library» (Groenewegen in New Palgrave, IV p. 807). J.A. Schumpeter elogia Verri come «a true econometrician - for example, he was one of the first economists to figure out a balance of payments - that is to say, he knew how to weave fact-finding and theory into a coherent tissue: the methodological problem that agitated later generations of economists he had successfully solved for himself» (Geschichte der ökonomischen Analyse, p. 178). Cossa, I, 131. Biblioteca Einaudi, 5875. Goldsmiths'-Kress, 12128. Mattioli, 3731. ICCU, ITICCUPARE 42397.

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