I sei primi libri del Eneide di Vergilio, tradotti à piu illustri & honorate donne. Et tra l'altre à la nobilissima & divina madonna Aurelia Tolomei de Borghesi, à cui ancho è indirizzato tutto il presente volume. MDXXXX

Autore: VERGILIUS MARO, Publius (70-19 a.C.)

Tipografo: Comin da Trino per Niccolò Zoppino

Dati tipografici: Venezia, 12 ottobre 1540



Six parts in one volume, 8vo (152x92 mm). 24; 23, [1]; 20; 19, [1]; 27, [1]; 25, [7] leaves. Collation: A-C8; 2A-2C8; Aa-Bb8 Cc4; 3A-3B8 3C4; Aaa-Ccc8 Ddd4; AA-DD8. The leaves 2C8, 3C4, Ddd4 and DD8 are blank. Colophon at l. DD7v. Every book, except the first one, opens with its own title page bearing in the center Vergil's woodcut portrait taken from the 1528 edition. General title within an elaborate woodcut border. With 22 woodcut vignettes in text (some repeated), 10 of which come from the 1528 edition; the remaining were cut on purpose for this edition. Recent calf gilt in the style of a Renaissance binding. Old ownership's entries, partly inked out, on the first title page. Some light foxing and staining, but a good copy.


Rare first collected edition (which was reprinted by Sessa in 1543, Padovano in 1544 and Farri in 1545) edited by Vincenzo di Pers, by whom is the general dedication of the work to Aurelia Tolomei de Borghesi. The edition gathers the Italian translations in loose verse of the first six book of Vergil's Aeneid. The translators are Alessandro Sansedoni, Ippolito de' Medici (who dedicates the second book to Giulia Gonzaga), Bernardino Borghesi (who dedicates the third book to Giulia Petrucci), Bartolomeo Piccolomini Carli (who dedicates the fourth book to Aurelia Petrucci), Aldobrando Cerretani (who dedicates the fifth book to Girolama Carli Piccolomini), and Alessandro Piccolomini (who dedicates the sixth book to Frasia Venturi). The second book is the only one that had already been published separately in 1539.


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