Opera omnia quae extant. Ad veterum exemplariorum fidem, quorum nomina inferiùs recensentur. A I. Dalechampio castigata. A Th. de Iuges recognita [...]

Autore: SENECA, Lucius Annaeus (4 a.C.-65)- DALÉCHAMPS, Jacques ed. (1513-1588)

Tipografo: sumptibus Th. de Iuges, excudebat Alexander Pernetus (Alexandre Pernet per Théodore de Juges)

Dati tipografici: Genève, 1627

(bound with:)

SENECA, Lucius Annaeus Rhetor (55 a.C.-39)-DALÉCHAMPS, Jacques ed. (1513-1588).  Opera quæ extant: pluribus quam antea commentariis, variis lectionibus, notis, & in his I. Dalechampij hactenus ineditis ad ordinem textus, literis & numeris præeuntibus, hac demum editione illustrata , & nouo præterea indice accuratissimo aucta. Hæc omnia studio & industria T. de Iuges I.V.D. Genevae, excudebat Stephanus Gamonetus, sumptibus T. de Iuges (Éstienne Gamonet per Théodore de Juges), 1628.


Two parts in one volume, folio (330x210 mm). Part 1: [48], 947, [69], 148 pp. Title page printed in red and black with the printer's device in the center. Collation: †-††††6 A-Pppp6 Qqqq4 a-l6 m8. Leaf Qqqq4 is a blank. Paper loss to the outer margin of l. m4 slightly affecting the text, thin worm tracks to the blank margin of some groups of leaves, browned and foxed throughout due to the quality of the paper. Part 2: [8], 424, [22] pp. Collation: ¶4 A-Ll6 Mm8 Nn-Oo6. Lacking the final blank Oo6. Printer's device on title page. Thin worm tracks on the margin of some groups of leaves not affecting the text, browned and foxed throughout due to the quality of the paper.

Nicely bound in contemporary red morocco “à la Du Seuil”, richly gilt spine with six raised bands and gilt title, panels with four cornerpieces and two concentric frames, all in gilt (minor losses to the top and bottom of the spine). On the front flyleaf verso a contemporary hand has provided a manuscript index to the first part.


FIRST EDITION of the works of both Seneca, son and father, with the commentary and the textual variants by Jacques Daléchamps.

Daléchamps' manuscripts remained unpublished after his death and later ended up in the hands of Théodore de Juges, who had them printed in Geneva by Alexandre Pernet and Éstienne Gamonet.

Born in Caen, Daléchamps was a physician, botanist and philologist. He wrote, among other things, a commentary to Pliny's Natural History, a book on the plague, and an important botanical treatise Historia generalis plantarum (Lyons, 1586). He died in Lyons in 1588.


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