Titolo all'antiporta: La Gerusalemme di Torquato Tasso figurata da Bernardo Castello a Carlo Emanuello di Savoia. Titolo al frontespizio: La Gerusalemme liberata di Torquato Tasso. Con le annotationi di Scipion Gentili, e di Giulio Guastavini, et li argomenti di Oratio Ariosti

Autore: TASSO, Torquato (1544-1595)

Tipografo: Giuseppe Pavoni ad instanza di Bernardo Castello

Dati tipografici: Genova, 1617



Three parts in one volume, folio (295x200 mm). [16], 255, [1 blank]; 71, [1]; 36, [4] pp. Collation: †-††4 A-Q8; ²A-D8 ²E4; ³A-B8 ³C4. Included in the pagination are the engraved frontispiece with the portrait of the dedicatee Carlo Emanuele of Savoy, the engraved title page with Tasso's portrait, and the 20 full-page engraved plates facing the beginning of each canto which opens with a woodcut headpiece, the argument set within a woodcut border and a historiated initial. The plates were engraved Camillo Cungi after Bernardo Castello. Text printed in two columns. Modern binding in red morocco gilt, marbled pastedowns, red edges. A very clean, wide-margined copy.


First edition illustrated with the new series of larger illustrations designed by Bernardo Castello (1557-1629, by him is also the dedication to the Duke of Savoy dated Genoa, 17 December 1617), which renew the first Castello's series, first appeared at Genoa in 1590, in the size (c. 280x185 mm vs. 190x140), in the new and more elaborate architectural frames that replace the stylized ones of the 1590 edition, and also in the composition of the subjects. The first part contains the poem with the addition of the stanze rejected by the author; the second part the commentary to the poem (Annotationi) by Scipione Gentili (1563-1616); the third part the indexes, i.e. I luoghi osservati by Giulio Guastavini (d. 1633) and the Tavola.


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