La musica. Poemetto.

Autore: DALL'OLIO, Giovanni Battista (1739-1823)

Tipografo: presso la Società Tipografica

Dati tipografici: Modena, 1794

Formato: in ottavo

8vo; contemporary "alla rustica" coloured cardboards, marbled edges; 78, (2) pp. A small flaw on the title-page, otherwise a fine copy on heavy paper.
RARE FIRST EDITION, dedicated by the author to Giovanni Paisiello, of this poem on music which comes with a number of very interesting notes, containing detailed information on music history, opera, the invention and development of many musical instruments, and on the works of several musicians, mostly little known. There are also descriptions of specific instruments and musical manuscripts which the author had personally seen.
Of particular interest are the footnote 39 on the organs; the footnote 48, in which the author talks about the fagott, starting from the work of Teseo A. degli Albonesi (1539) and assigning the main technical improvement of the instrument to a certain Afranio, who was at the service of cardinal Ippolito d'Este; and the footnote 49 on the piano, where Dall'Olio discusses the scale of octaves from Zarlino onwards.
Dall'Olio, a native of Sesso near Reggio Emilia, studied in Bologna and learned music under the guide of father G.B. Martini. In 1764 he was appointed schoolmaster in the public school at Rubiera and organist of the local Collegiata. In 1784 he moved to Modena as ducal accountant. He corresponded with several prominent artists and scholars such as Paisiello, Ximenes, Lampredi, Paradisi, Venturi, Ceretti, Corti, and Tiraboschi. He wrote novels and poems, and devoted himself also to the study of archeology, history, and natural sciences. Dall'Olio was a member of the Accademia dei Dissonanti of Modena, of the Accademia degli Ipocondriaci of Reggio, of the Accademia dei Teopneusti of Correggio, of the Academies dei Quirini and degli Aborigeni in Roma, and of the Accademia dei Georgofili in Florence. He was also a member of the Agricultural Society and of the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Modena. In 1815 he was commissioned to catalog the collection of musical works of the Biblioteca Estense. He died in May 1823 (cfr. C.M., Di Giambattista dall'Olio reggiano notizie biografiche e letterarie con appendici, in: L. Cerretti, "Notizie biografiche e letterarie in continuazione alla Biblioteca modenese", Reggio Emilia, 1833, pp. 1-28).
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