Osservazioni sopra la ruggine del grano.

Autore FONTANA, Felice (1730-1805).
Tipografo Jacopo Giusti
Dati tipografici Lucca, 1767
Prezzo Venduto/Sold

8vo (cm 22); cotemporary half calf; 114 pp. and a folding coloured copper plate. Slightly uniformely browned, but uncut and partly unopened.
FIRST EDITION. «In 1766 Fontana demonstrated that the blight which had devastated the Tuscun countryside was caused by parasitic plants that feed on grain and that reproduce by means of spores» (D.S.B., V, p. 56).
The coloured pictures in the plate showing Puccinia graminis and Uredo are marvelous for the period and possibly the first of this kind (cf. P.A. Saccardo, La Botanica in Italia. Materiali per la storia di questa scienza, Venezia, 1895, parte Ia, p. 74).
F. Fontana, a native of Pomarolo in Trentino, was educated by G. Tartarotti in Rovereto and later on by Belgrado in Padua. Then he taught Logics at Pavia University and afterwards became court phisicist of Pietro Leopoldo who charged him with the establishment of the Phisics and Natural History Museum of Florence (cf. C. Adami, Di Felice e Gregorio Fontana, Rovereto, 1905, pp. VII-XIX).
Pritzel, 2956. Cfr. Felice Fontana, Observations on Rust of Grain, Phytopathological Classics no. 2, Washington DC, American Phytopathological Society, 1932. Adami, op. cit., p. XXXIX.