Provvisioni, gride, ordini, e decreti da osservarsi negli Stati di Sua Altezza Serenissima


Tipografo: per gli eredi di Bartolomeo Soliani stampatori ducali

Dati tipografici: Modena, 1755

(bound with:)

LOTTI, Giuseppe Antonio. Raccolta delle monete d'oro, d'argento, e di rame battute, e spese nella Città, e negli Stati di Modena, dall'anno 1470 a tutto il 1755. Con le successive limitazioni del loro valore, estratta dai Proclami […] e da altre notizie ricavate con la possibile esattezza da Giuseppe Antonio Lotti. Modena, per gli eredi di Bartolomeo Soliani stampatori ducali, 1755.


Two works in one volume,  folio (350x230 mm). Provvisioni: [10], 266, [2 blank], XVIII, [4, of which 2 are blank] pp. Este engraved arms on title page. Woodcut initials. Raccolta: VIII, 48 pp. Woodcut ornament on title page. Woodcut initials. Contemporary half vellum, lettering piece on spine, sprinkled edges (slightly worn and rubbed). Some scattered foxing and browning, but a very good wide-margined copy.


The first work collects bans, proclamations, and decrees concerning all aspects of life inside and outside the cities of the Este duchy. Several decrees in particular regulate Jewish life in the ghetto: 'Jews must keep the outer Walls of their Houses adorned on the occasion of Processions and other functions of the Christians'; J'ews must dwell within the enclosure of the Ghetto assigned to them'; 'Jews and their Universities'; 'They may neither buy nor own Buildings outside the Ghetto'; 'Jews may not invite Christians to their festivals and ceremonies'; 'They may not have stores outside the Ghetto'; 'Jews as administrators of Banks'; 'Jews may not be offended by Christians', etc. The second work, composed by the well-known canon and archivist of the Modena Cathedral, Giuseppe Antonio Lotti, traces back the value of gold, silver and copper coins of the Este duchy, from 1470 to 1754, comparing them to other Italian and foreign coins.


Provvisioni: Italian Union Catalogue, IT\ICCU\TO0E\090272; Biblioteca del Senato, IV, 362. Raccolta: Italian Union Catalogue, IT\ICCU\LO1E\017585; Einaudi 3515.