Opere di Raimondo Montecuccoli illustrate da Ugo Foscolo. Tomo primo [-secondo]

Autore MONTECUCCOLI, Raimondo (1608-1681).
Tipografo Luigi Mussi
Dati tipografici Milano, 
Prezzo Venduto/Sold
Opere di Raimondo Montecuccoli illustrate da Ugo Foscolo

Copy 13 of 157 belonging to Camillo Ugoni

Two volumes, imperial folio (451x295 mm.). [2], LVI, [2], 157, [3] pp. with an engraved frontispiece by F. Rosaspina showing the author's portrait; 274, [2], pp. and III engraved plates. On the first leaf recto are the inscription (“Edizione di esemplari CLXX. XIII. De' cento cinquantasette in carta Realfina al Signor Camillo Ugoni”) and below Ugo Foscolo's autograph signature. The three calcographic plates in volume two are: Ordine di Battaglia ideato secondo il sistema del Montecuccoli, Sistemi di fortificazioni e di assedio a' tempi di Raimondo Montecuccoli, and Figure relative al sistema dell'Arte Bellica di Raimondo Montecuccoli”. Contemporary half calf, gilt spine with six raised bands and blind-tooled decorations repeated on the compartment, panels covered with colored paper (slightly worn). Pages 81-82 and 95-96 of the first tome present cancellantia, in which the text of the notes is corrected (cancellans of pages 81-82 is placed at the end of the volume, while cancellans of pages 95-96 is placed right after its cancellandum). Some light staining and foxing. A very fresh, wide-margined copy.

MONUMENTAL TYPOGRAPHICAL MASTERPIECE that Foscolo (one of the pioneers of numbered editions in Italy) decided to issue in only 170 copies ad personam. A note at the end of the volume warns that all official copies of this edition must bear the press-run number, the name of the purchaser, and the signature of the editor. The presend copy is number 13 of the 157 printed in Realfina paper and was destined to Camillo Ugoni.

Camillo Ugoni (1784-1855) was an Italian patriot and scholar. A friend of Ugo Foscolo and Girolamo Federico Borgno, he was awarded the title of baron by Napoleon. Ugoni is known for having continued the biographical work of Giovan Battista Corniani, Della letteratura italiana nella seconda metà del sec. XVIII, published in 1820. He also took part in the liberation uprisings of 1821, after whose failure he was forced to flee first to Switzerland, then to England and finally to France, where he became a collaborator of the Biographie Universelle and the newspaper “Le Globe”.Foscolo personally supervised the publication of the works of Montecuccoli. For the text, he used the partly incomplete Italian edition of 1704 and the Latin edition published in Vienna in 1718. He also corrected the text and integrated it with additions of his own. 

Parenti, Rarità, I, 312.

  • Opere di Raimondo Montecuccoli illustrate da Ugo Foscolo
  • Opere di Raimondo Montecuccoli illustrate da Ugo Foscolo
  • Opere di Raimondo Montecuccoli illustrate da Ugo Foscolo
  • Opere di Raimondo Montecuccoli illustrate da Ugo Foscolo