Physiologie du goût, ou Méditations de gastronomie trascendante; ouvrage théorique, historique et à l’ordre du jour [...] Par un professeur, membre de plusieures sociétés savantes [...] Deuxième edition. Tome premier [-second]

Autore BRILLAT-SAVARIN, Jean-Anthelme (1755-1826).
Tipografo A. Sautelet et Cie, Libraires
Dati tipografici Paris, 
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Physiologie du goût

Two volumes, 8vo (212x130 mm). 412; 440 pp. With half titles and an ornamental woodcut on title pages. Contemporary half calf, gilt spine, marbled endleaves. Some light browning and foxing. Uncut.

SECOND EDITION of the Brillat-Savarin's masterpiece, a milestone in gastronomic literature, in which the author gives birth to the figure of the food critic. The work mainly focuses on French bourgeois cuisine, brilliantly mixing scientific notions, philosophical reflections, historical anecdotes, practical advices, and personal memoires. The influnce of the Physiologie du goût on the subsequent culinary literature can hardly be underestimated.

The first edition appeared in 1525 in 500 copies that went soon sold out. This second edition contains a short biography of the author who does not appear in the first.

Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin was a French politician and gastronomic writer. After graduating in law, in 1789 he was elected deputy to the Constituent Assembly. Afterwards he was appointed councilor of the Supreme Court. During the Terror he repaired in Switzerland and then in New York. Returning to France during the Directorate, he regained his office as councilor and was awarded the Legion of Honor.

Brillat-Savarin “remained a bachelor and spent his leisure time drafting various treatises on economics and history and an essay on the duel. He was interested in archaeology, astronomy, chemistry, and, of course, gastronomy, appreciating good restaurants […] He entertained frequently at home in the Rue de Richelieu in Paris and cooked some specialities himself, including tuna omelette, stuffed pheasant garnished with oranges, and fillet of beef with truffles […] On 8 December 1825, two months before his death, the book which was to make him famous had appeared in the bookshops: Physiologie du gout” (Larousse gastronomique, s.v.).

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  • Physiologie du goût
  • Physiologie du goût
  • Physiologie du goût
  • Physiologie du goût