Italian printing and the mind of man

Classici che hanno fatto l'Italia

Similar to a famous work of the Sixties', Printing and the Mind of Man, in which the main fields of knowledge are described in over four hundred printed works that had a significant impact on the history of mankind, I classici che hanno fatto l'Italia (“The classics that have made Italy”), proposes an ideal library of Italian authors (for birth or of adoption), and at the same time aims to illustrate an outline of Italian cultural history from the Quattrocento to the present, through a very personal, but representative selection of titles and editions.

Ars Epistolica

Ars Epistolica

Axel Erdmann, Alberto Govi & Fabrizio GoviArs epistolica. Communication in Sixteenth Century Western Europe: Epistolaries, Letter-writing Manuals and Model Letter Books 1501-1600, with an Introduction by Judith Rice Henderson, Lucerne, 2014.