De titulis Philippi Austrij regis catholici liber. Atque in ipsas titulorum successiones tabulae. Index capitum

Autore: MAINOLDI GALLARATI, Giacomo (d. 1612)

Tipografo: Pellegrino Bonardo

Dati tipografici: Bologna, 1573


4to (209x150 mm). 120, [4] leaves. Collation: A-Z4 AA-HH4. With the printer's device on the title page and the woodcut coats-of-arms of Philipp II for each one of his many titles. Later stiff vellum vellum, manuscript title on spine. Marginal foxing and staining, but a good copy.


First edition. “Giacomo Mainoldi Gallarati, a member of a patrician family of Cremona, had a distinguished career as a jurist and office-holder in the Milanese dominion of Philip II, and at the end of his life was president of the senate of Milan. He was the author of De titulis Philippi Austrii liber, a survey of the medieval history of the imperial title and the modern domains of his sovereign. It was published in 1573 in Bologna, where Mainoldi was a student and where he resided in the home of Carlo Sigonio […] Sigonio mentions both father [Giovanni Battista] and son amongst those to whom thanks were due for the assistance in the preparation of De regno Italiae (1576). De titulis Philippi Austrii bears a certain resemblance in both the nature of contents and their organization to the anonymous Historiae tractatus composed circa 1570 by a student and boarder of Sigonio, the identification of whom with Giacomo Mainoldi Gallarati is here offered as a possibility” (W. McCuaig, Carlo Sigonio: the Changing World of the Late Renaissance, Princeton, NJ, 1989, p. 69; see also G.C. Ruginelli, Tractatus de senatoribus, Milan, 1697, pp. 37-38).

At leaf 84 begins the chronological table with the succession of all the titles associated to the crown of Spain up to Philipp II. Leaves 26v-37v are dedicated to the discovery and conquest of the overseas territories (Peru, Nicaragua, Panama, Moluccas Islands, etc.) carried on by Columbus, Pizarro, Cortés, and Magellan from 1492 to 1541.


Edit 16, CNCE26061; Universal STC, 839686.