En amice lector apportamus tibi, summa diligentia excusum, post Germanam editionem. T. Livii Patavini Latinae Historiae Principis quicquid hactenus editum fuit, sed aliquanto quàm antea emaculatius. Accesserunt autem Decadis quintae libri quinque, numquam ante hac editi, cum Chronologia Henrici Glareani [...]

Autore: LIVIUS, Titus (59 a.C.-17)

Tipografo: Lucantonio Giunta

Dati tipografici: Venezia, 10 gennaio 1532

Folio (312x210 mm). [4], 312, 16, [40] leaves. Collation: *4 A-L8 M10 N-Z8 &8 AA-II8 KK10 LL-NN8 OO-PP6 1-78. Giunta's devices (U6 and Z626) on title page and last leaf verso. Colophon at l. PP6r. On l. 1/1 begins Titi Liuii Patauini Decadum 14 epitomae, on l. 3/1 the Chronologia, sive temporum supputatio by Henricus Glareanus (1488-1563). 18th-century stiff vellum, manuscript title on spine, marbled endleaves, green edges. Title page a bit soiled with a small marginal hole, name of Erasmus on the dedication at l. *2r censored, worm track on the inner margin of some leaf not affecting the text, stain to the upper margin of the last 15 leaves, some occasional damp stain, all in all a very good nicely bound copy with wide margins.


A rare copy of this valuable Giunta edition still preserving Erasmus' dedication (l. *2) to the young Charles Mountjoy, son of William Mountjoy (dated Fribourg 1531), which is often found removed or censored.

This is a reprint of the important edition published by Froben in Basel in 1531, which is the first to contain the five books of the Fifth Decade that were discovered by Simon Grynaeus in a manuscript preserved then in the Lorsch Monastery in Weimer and today in Vienna.


Camerini, Annali dei Giunti, I, p. 252, no. 358; Edit 16, CNCE29498; Adams, L-1328; Renouard, XXVIII, 108; Schweiger, I, p. 529.


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