Nel sontuoso Convito, e Leggiadro Festino. Dell'Illustriss. et Ecceentiss. [sic] Sig. Andrea Cornaro Capitanio, e Vice Podestà di Brescia. A Dame, e Cavaglieri



Dati tipografici: [Brescia or Venice], [before 1669?]

405x277 mm. Text within a typographic border. Woodcut decorative initial. Traces of folding, restorations along the folding, some foxing, all in all well preserved.

Celebratory broadsheet printed on the occasion of a dinner party given by the vice-podesta of Brescia Andrea Cornaro (or Corner), containing a laudatory sonnet signed by Pietro dalla Curte.

Andrea Corner, born in Venice in 1610 into a noble Venetian family, became a member of the Maggior Consiglio at only 20 in 1630. He had a very successful and long career as a politician, diplomat and galley captain, both in Venice and in the Venetian islands. On February 6, 1668 he married Marina Barbaro, widow of Girolamo Corner, who brought him a dowry of 6,000 ducats. On July 14, 1669 he was elected podesta in Brescia. He made his entrance in town in January 1670. Among the various problems connected with the administration of a territory as vast and relevant as that of Brescia, he had to reorganize the local possessions of the Church, to provide new oarsmen for the Venetian fleet by punishing to the galley even those convicted for a period of less than eighteen months, to overcome the difficult grain supply for the the city, and to more stringently control the smuggling of foreign goods into the Brescia territory (cf. C. Povolo, Corner, Andrea, in: “Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani”, 29, 1983, s.v.).

As the broadsheet is addressed to Corner as vice-podesta of Brescia, it is presumable that it was printed before July 1669, the year of his appointment as podesta.