Sulle malattie congenite e sulle anomalie del cuore memoria del Professor Cesare Taruffi

Autore: TARUFFI, Cesare (1821-1902)

Tipografo: Tipografia Gamberini e Parmeggiani

Dati tipografici: Bologna, 1875

300x207 mm. 323, [1 blank] pp. With 11 illustrations in text. Contemporary half vellum with morocco lettering piece on spine. Some scattered foxing, but a very good copy.


First edition (the essay appeared in “Memorie della Società medica chirurgica di Bologna”, 1875, vol. 8). At the request of Alfonso Corradi (1833-1892), Giulio Bizzozzero (1846-1901) and Paolo Mantegazza (1831-1901), Taruffi decided to collaborate to a Dictionary of Medical Sciences with the entries dedicated to teratology, with two magisterial studies “On congenital hernias of the head” and the present “On congenital diseases and anomalies of the heart”, as well as with two monographs on Microsomia and Macrosomia.

Graduated in surgery and medicine in Bologna, Taruffi started his career as an assistant of Francesco Rizzoli at the Hospital of Mendicity. In 1848 he served as a military surgeon in the Legion of Bologna, taking part in the defense of Venice and the following year in that of Rome. In 1859 he was appointed professor of pathological anatomy at the University of Bologna, remaining in the chair until 1894. In his last years Taruffi mostly worked on his most important achievement, the eight-volume Storia della teratologia (Bologna, 1881-1894).


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