TAU/MA 3 1977.

Autore: DIACONO, Mario - PARMIGGIANI, Claudio (eds.)

Tipografo: Achille Maramotti

Dati tipografici: Reggio Emilia, marzo 1977

Third issue of the journal Tau/Ma. Cardboard box (303x215 mm) containing four bound pamphlets with the texts and documents of the issue. Complete. The front panel of the box bears the title, the issue numbering, and the year of publication printed in blue and black. Some losses to the corners and along the folding of the box, some marginal restorations. 

- Haroldo de Campos: Il m ago dell'om ega (1955-1956) - Regina Silveira: Labirinti (1961)
- Emilio Villa: Alphabetum Coeleste (1976)
- Agnes Denes: Paradox and essence (Philosophical Drawings) (1976)
- Raimondo di Sangro: Parole maestre (1750)
We offer together JCT: Thothality (1973/1974), which is part of issue number 4.

Of this second issue were printed five hundred unnumbered copies and fifty copies reserved for the authors, signed and numbered by them. The present copy is unnumbered.

The journal, presented by the editors as a "post-review devoted to creativity in all its forms", is basically a collection of "original works that allude to the book, but transcend the book in the mainstream and common sense of its use"; these works are united by a common "tension towards the visualization of discourse." All of the texts published by Tau/Ma therefore turn out to be "artist's books," "no matter whether they are a simple documentation of a performance [...] or installation [...], whether they constitute original texts of visual writing [...] and verbal poetry [...], or whether, finally, they are presented as ideological-conceptual works [...], typographical concretions of sculpture [...] and of writing and image" (Tau/Ma, no. 5, 1978). 



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