Our goals

The main aim of our activity is to propose rare and never trivial works in all fields of human knowledge from the beginning of writing to the present day; works that do not necessarily represent milestones in the history of humanity, but that simply express the genuine and original fruit of human ingenuity.

In an era in which the digital has taken over the paper, we believe it is of great importance for the research and for the preservation to posterity of our history to have access to the primary sources, that is to say to the texts in their original editions. The physical aspect of the manuscripts and printed editions that have transmitted to us the texts in their original, is not a secondary detail, but represents a fundamental element for the understanding of the texts themselves and for the history of their reception and influence. For this reason, in addition to attaching great importance to the choice of the edition of the works we offer for sale, it is our constant concern to present those editions in the best and most genuine copies that can be found on the market.

It is also essential for us to carry out a thorough search of the provenance of the volumes on offer. To this end, we actively cooperate not only with the authorities responsible for carrying out the necessary checks and issuing the mandatory licenses, but also with the cultural institutions in which many of our books, at the end of all our research, find a definitive and prestigious home.

The aim of our research lies not only in finding forgotten works that are brought back to the attention of scholars and collectors, but also in the active participation in the “chain” of the ancient and rare book, which in addition to antiquarian booksellers sees as fundamental operators libraries, auction houses and collectors.