Oratione funerale di fra' Gherardo Bellinzona dell'Ordine eremitano di Santo Agostino, da lui recitata nel Theatro di Vicenza l'anno 1586. In morte del reverendissimo P. Maestro Spirito Pelo Anguisciola Generale del medesimo Ordine, & Academico Olimpico. Con diverse compositioni di poesia toscane e latine raccolte, & poste in luce da F. Armonio Rossi Vicentino dell'Ordine istesso. Vicenza, Agostino dalla Noce, 1587. [bound with:] [PACE, Fabio (1547-1614)]. Oratione funerale, nella morte dell'Eccellentiss. Sig. Conte di Monte, medico, et uno dei padri dell'Academia Olimpica di Vicenza

Autore: BELLINZONA, Gherardo (fl. 1580)

Tipografo: Agostino dalla Noce

Dati tipografici: Vicenza, 1587


Two works in one volume (188x137 mm). I: [24] leaves. Collation: A-C8. The last leaf is a blank. Title page within woodcut border. Printer's device on title page. Italic type. II: [4] cc. Collation: A4. Printer's device on title page. Italic type. Early 19th-century boards. On the front pastedown dedication note: “Amico dulcissimo Nob. Federico Pacio Vincentius Gonzatus offert 1835”. On the title page of the first work ownership entry by Ludovico da Schio. Tear repaired to the upper outer corner of the first title page, margins cut short, some spotting and browning.

I. First edition, dedicated by Armonio Rossi to Francesco and Giovanni Giacomo Pelo Anguissola (Vicenza, 28 January 1587), of this oration pronounced in the Vicenza's Olympic Theater to commemorate the death of Spirito Pelo Anguissola, general of the Hermit Order of St. Augustine and member of the Accademia Olimpica. After the oration there is a collection of poems in Latin and in Italian in memory and praise of the deceased by several authors, mostly members of the Accademia Olimpica, like Bellinzona himself, Fabio Pace, Paolo Chiappino, Giovanni Battista Maganza, Giovanni Battista Titoni, Camillo Camilli, Cesare Simonetti, Antonio Barbarano, and many others.

On l. C2v is a sonnet (“Tu, ch'agile correndo nel sentiero”) by Maddalena Campiglia (1553-1595), poet, dramatist and musician born in Vicenza, who actively participated in the literary life of his hometown and maintained close contacts with the Accademia Olimpica (cf. G. De Marco, Maddalena Campiglia. La figura e l'opera, Vicenza, 1988).

II. The second oration, also in first and only edition, published anonymously, but attributed to Fabio Pace, commemorates the death of the celebrated physician and playwright Conte da Monte, who was the author of the tragedy Antigone, first performed in Palladio's Olympic Theater in 1565 and of an important medical treatise De morbis ex Galeni sententia libri quinque (1580). In 1584 Da Monte became a member of the Accademia Olimpica (cf. T. Pesenti, Da Monte, Conte, in: “Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani”, vol. 32, 1986, s.v.).

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