Catalogus, librorum omnium facultatum qui venales reperiuntur in Officina et Societate Philippi Borde, Laurentii Arnaud, et Claudi Rigaud Bibliolopolarum Lugdunensium usque ad hunc annum 1656

Autore: BORDE, Philippe (d. 1669)-ARNAUD, Laurent (1602-1694)-RIGAUD, Claude II (d. 1662)


Dati tipografici: Lyon, 1656

12mo (152x8,5 mm). 513 [i.e. 515], [1 blank] pp. Pages in quire A are misbound. Collation: A-X12 Y6. Woodcut vignette on title page. Decorative woodcut initials, head- and tail pieces. Contemporary cardboards (small burn hole on the front cover). Manuscript note on the front flyleaf bearing the indication of the title presumably to add to the catalogue. Some light browning and staining, but a very good, genuine copy.

Rare catalogue of 16th- and 17th-century editions offered for sale by the Lyon association of booksellers-printers formed by Philippe Borde, Laurent Arnaud, and Claude Rigaud. The thousands of titles listed are divided by subject: Libri theologici; juridici; medici; philosophici; historiae sacrae & prophanae; politici et morales; mathematici, astronomici, architecti, arithmetici, &c.; humaniores, grammatici, politici, rhetorici, &c.; graeci, haebraici, arabici, &c.; ecclesiastici; italici; hispanici; gallici. Title, author, format, and often also place and year of printing are given for each work. The price, however, is not indicated. Occasional contemporary ink cross-outs are present for presumably sold-out works, while other titles show a pencilled check mark.

Among the titles offered, just to name a few, are various works by Savonarola, the Malleus Maleficarum in a 1604 edition, the Tractatus de maleficiis Angeli Aretinii of 1602, Raymond Lull's Libelli aliquot chimici, Longinus's Trinum magicum, Vesalius' Epitome Anatomiae, Campanella's Realis philosophia in the original 1623 edition, various works by Descartes and Bacon, Herberstein's Rerum Moscoviticarum commentarii, Macchiavelli's Il Pirncipe in a 1560 edition, Agricola's De ponderibus (1533), Bleau's Institutio astronomicae, Kircher's De magnete, Koebel's Astrolabius (1550), Tycho Brahe's Opera omnia, Euclid in Arabic, Raimondi's Le cacce, Vecellio's Discorsi sopra gli Habiti, Cervio's Trinciante (1593), Danti's Trattato sull'uso dell'astrolabio, various works by Lope de Vega, the Guitarra española de cinco ordenes (1618), Nicolai's Navigations in a 1568 French edition, les Oeuvres by Du Bellay (1592), etc.

Not surprisingly, as “the Lyon area occupied a privileged position when it came to the trade in and dissemination of Spanish books” (N. Bas Martín, Spanish Books in the Europe of Enlightenment, Leiden, 2018, p. 111), the Spanish book section occupies 24 pages.

Philippe Borde married the daughter of the Lyon bookseller Claude Rigaud in 1629. A widower, he remarried the widow of Gabriel Boissat. From 1629 to 1641 he was a partner of Claude Rigault's widow. Between 1640 and 1643 he associated with Laurent Durand and Laurent Arnaud, and later, from 1644 to 1649, with Laurent Arnaud and the heirs of Pierre Prost. From 1649 to 1662 he was in partnership with Laurent Arnaud and Claude Rigaud II. The present one from 1656 was the first catalogue of this new partnership.

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