About us

The Libreria Antiquaria was founded in 1973 by Alberto Govi. After graduating in aesthetics in Bologna with Luciano Anceschi, he spent some years in Milan at the Garzanti publishing house and then decided to start a completely new activity within the rare books business. The great number of catalogues he has produced over the years testify to his competence and passion for the old book, as well as to the richness and variety of the works offered.

In 1996, Alberto is joined in the activity by his son Fabrizio, who, after graduating in Bologna with the art historian Anna Ottani Cavina, began a long and exciting apprenticeship in the world of antiquarian books.

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Bibliographic knowledge and passion for the book

We offer a rich and varied offer of ancient books and manuscripts not only Italian.

Our goals

The main aim of our activity is to propose rare and never trivial works in all fields of human knowledge from the beginning of writing to the present day; works that do not necessarily represent milestones in the history of humanity, but that simply express the genuine and original fruit of human ingenuity.

In an era in which the digital has taken over the paper, we believe it is of great importance for the research and for the preservation to posterity of our history...

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