Autograph letter signed granting special privileges to the typographer Bartolomeo Soliani. Modena, 29 October 1646

Autore: ESTE, Cesare d' (1614-1677)


Dati tipografici:

Bifolium (300x213 mm) written on the first leaf recto only. Traces of folding, some holes and paper loss along the folding (partly restored), portion of the second leaf missing, wax seal lost, stamp of private collection (“Nannini”).

In the letter, written and signed by Cesare d'Este, brother of the Duke of Modena Francesco I (1610-1658), the typographer Bartolomeo Soliani is granted special privileges as Cesare's servant for his printing activity. Cesare invites the ministers and officials of his brother the duke to acknowledge these privileges and acting accordingly.

Bartolomeo Soliani (1590-1670) is the progenitor of a very successful dynasty of typographers that lasted for over 150 years. He first opened a book shop in Modena in 1623 and several years later, in 1646, he purchased a printing press and began printing. That Soliani enjoyed the protection of Cesare d'Este is also attested by another document, dated 1654, in which Cesare writes to his brother Francesco asking him to release a batch of papermaking rags that had been seized from Soliani at the instigation of his competitor in the paper business Giovanni Verdi (cf. E. Milano, ed., Lavori prepratori per gli annali della Tipografia Soliani, Modena, 1986, pp. XIV-XIX).

The present document seems to be unrecorded.