Typed letter signed and addressed to the Treasure Minister Giuseppe Pella. From Rome, 14 April 1951

Autore: EINAUDI, Luigi (President of the Italian Republic, 1874-1961)


Dati tipografici:

278x205, 272x209 mm. The letter is made of two separate leaves (of different size and type), typewritten only on recto and stapled together. On the first page's left margin there is a pencil note: “lettera a De Gasperi con cui ho chiesto il blocco delle spese. P.” (‘letter to De Gasperi, with which I asked the blocking of expenditures'), presumably in Pella's hand. On the second leaf, after the signature, is a handwritten post-scriptum in Einaudi's hand.

The letter is the reply by Luigi Einaudi, at that time President of the Italian Republic, to the report on the Italian economic situation sent by Giuseppe Pella, the treasure minister in the government led by Alcide De Gasperi. The president remarks that the average income of those who would benefit from the new budgeted expenditure is perhaps already higher than the income of those who should pay for it; it is therefore important to assess this issue and avoid dragging the State's finances down even more than they are already.

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EINAUDI, Luigi (1874-1961)-PELLA, Giuseppe (1902-1981). Autograph letter signed and addressed by the President of the Italian Republic Luigi Einaudi to Giuseppe Pella, at that time Treasure Minister, from Rome, on January 16, 1953, together with the autograph letter of reply by Pella, from Rome, on January 20, 1953.

198x130, 294x206 mm. The two letters, both written on a single leaf, are stapled together. The first letter is written on the first leaf recto only and it is a cover letter for an enclosed (but here not present) translation by Einaudi of an article of the “Economist” sent to Pella. In the second letter, written on both sides, Pella thanks the president for the translation of the article.

Luigi Numa Lorenzo Einaudi was born in Carrù, Piedmont (IT), in 1874. He was a very influential Italian journalist, politician and economist. After WW2 he was a member of the constituent assembly which wrote the Italian Constitution; he is therefore considered as one of the ‘fathers' of the modern Italian Republic. From 1948 to 1955 he served as the President of the Italian Republic. In those years he collaborated with many different prime ministers: Alcide De Gasperi, Giuseppe Pella, Amintore Fanfani and Mario Scelba. Einaudi died in Rome on October 30, 1961.

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EINAUDI PELLEGRINI, Ida (Luigi Einaudi's wife, 1885-1968)-EINAUDI, Giulio (Luigi Einaudi's son, 1912-1999). We offer together a funeral card of Einaudi's widow, an autograph letter addressed by his son Giulio to the President of the Italian Republic Giovanni Gronchi (dated 15 November 1961), and a short illustrated publication in memory of Einaudi (dated 30 November 1961).

96x34 mm. Funeral card of Einaudi's wife numbered 255 in pencil, address added in ink (Largo Volumnia 1, Roma).

179x177 mm. Autograph letter signed by Giulio Einaudi and written on the first leaf recto only.

205x136 mm. Short memory publication edited by the family.

Giulio Einaudi was one of the five children of Luigi Einaudi and Ida Pellegrini. He is the founder of the famous publishing house of the same name located in Turin. One of his children is Ludovico Einaudi, the well-known pianist and composer.