Un Souvenir de Solferino

Autore DUNANT, Jean Henry (1828-1910).
Tipografo Imprimerie Jules-Guillaume Fick
Dati tipografici Genve, 
Prezzo Venduto/Sold
Un Souvenir de Solferino

PMM 350

4to (275x176 mm). [4: half title and title page], double-page chromolithograph map drawn by B. Müller from the author's instructions (lithographed by Pilet & Cougnard, Geneva), 115, [1 blank] pp. Editor's printed wrappers (preserved in a cloth case). Slightly age-toned, uncut with deckle edges and partly unopened. A very clean and genuine copy.

FIRST EDITION, privately printed and not intended for sale (“Ne se vend pas”), of this important document which led to the founding of the Red Cross.

“On 24 June 1859 the Battle of Solferino – one of the bloodiest of the nineteenth century – was fought between the Austrians and the French-Piedmontese alliance. Dunant, a Swiss philanthropist, witnessed the battle and its dreadful aftermath, in which the nearly 40,000 casualties were left to die with no medical treatment except what he and the local inhabitants could provide them. Upon returning to Geneva Dunant published Un souvenir de Solferino, an account of the horrors he had seen coupled with an appeal for ‘some international principle, with the sanction of an inviolable convention, which… might constitute a basis for the relief of the wounded in the various countries of Europe'. The wide interest generated by Dunant's book led in 1863 to the formation of a committee which later became the International Red Cross, and in 1864 to the establishment of the Geneva Convention. Dunant shared with Frédéric Passy the first Noble Peace Prize in 1901” (Norman, 670).

“The first edition of Un Souvenir de Solferino consisted of sixteen hundred copies printed in November 1862 for private distribution. Only four hundred of these were actually distributed; these copies, constituting the original issue, have a title page stating ‘Ne se vend pas' above the imprint. A month later, in December 1862, Dunant had another thousand copies bound with a title page indicating ‘deuxième édition'. The third edition, in which Dunant suggested the extension of Red Cross services to victims of natural disasters, appeared in 1863. An English translation was published by the American Red Cross in 1939” (Haskell-Norman, One Hundred Books Famous in Medicine, p. 269).

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  • Un Souvenir de Solferino
  • Un Souvenir de Solferino